Squirt Dry Lube – 15ml

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Squirt Dry Lube – 15ml

Squirt Dry Lube prolongs the life of your chain, protecting it in all conditions.

Squirt is a unique chain lubricant – it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. It is 100% biodegradable

This is the ideal MTB chain lubricant.

Of all wax chain lubricants it lasts longest on a wet ride. Nothing beats it in dry and dusty conditions either.

No degreasing required; if needed clean with dry brush and toothpick!


  • Superb viscosity
  • Various selected waxes
  • Extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants
  • Gives long lasting lubrication while keeping the chain clean


Apply Squirt Chain Lube liberally to the chain. Don’t wipe it off, and let it dry completely
before your ride.

How often Squirt Chain Lube should be applied depends on the riding conditions. After
a short while you will learn how long an application will last in your conditions. Of
course, when you hear a dry chain noise, you should have applied already – so for the
first few rides, while you learn about your conditions, it may be a good idea to take a
small sample bottle with you on your rides.

Dry Conditions:
Generally, every 4 hours on the MTB, and 6 hours on the road bike.

Wet Conditions:
We advise to apply after every ride since this will enhance the lifetime of your chain and